Practice Areas

Elder Law

Getting older can have its benefits, especially if you're able to retire comfortably and pass something to future generations. But it can have its share of difficulties too. Here are some examples considered to fall under the area known as elder law: addressing and handling guardianship issues; determining whether assisted-living or nursing home care is needed; dealing with the state and federal government with respect to Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, or SSI issues; devising and creating an estate plan; drafting and executing a will, trust, power of attorney, healthcare surrogate designation, or living will ; and preparing for the administration of a trust or a probate estate. If you are an elderly person or a guardian of an elderly person in the Southwest Florida area, it's important to find an elder law attorney who, based on experience, knowledge, and a genuine concern for a client's well-being and best interest, understands the specific needs of such clients. That person is Attorney Brandon Bytnar of the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar in Naples, Florida.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a valuable method to help protect and preserve your assets and property, no matter how small or large your estate may be. As an estate planning lawyer, Attorney Bytnar offers clients a broad range of methods to help ensure that their assets and property are ultimately distributed to the beneficiary or beneficiaries that the client/decedent intended. Brandon will advise you honestly and at a reasonable fee. He will act in your best interest, protect your legal rights, and work with you to preserve your estate for your beneficiaries.


Guardianship is a legal status that creates a relationship between an assigned person or institution and a minor child or incompetent adult. The purpose is to protect the welfare of that child or adult, called the ward. In the case of minor children, the court will maintain supervision until that child reaches age 18. Many persons with concerns about guardianship turn to Southwest Florida Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar for experienced legal advice. He has broad knowledge about important Florida estate laws, including those that govern guardianship and related issues. If you wish to designate a legal guardian for your minor children, are appointed as a guardian or have other concerns related to guardianship, call the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar for legal representation you can trust.

Probate Administration

Probate Administration in Florida has specific rules to follow, and personal representatives of the decedent must work with an attorney on most matters of Probate. The entire process can be lengthy and confusing, especially for persons appointed by the court. Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar is very familiar with all aspects of Florida Probate Law, and understands how to smooth the way for you to deal with even the most complex probate administration issues.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law in Florida defined under Title XL dictates how real and personal property can be bought, sold and transferred. Persons seeking real estate legal services in Naples, Florida and throughout the region contact Southwest Florida Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar for experienced legal representation and assistance with their real estate transactions. Brandon works with buyers, sellers and property owners to help them wade through the often confusing and overwhelming laws that apply to real estate.

Trust Administration

Trust administration is an important part of managing, and often finalizing, the affairs of people who created or managed a trust that, on or after the date of their death, held legal or equitable title to assets. Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar has significant experience in estate planning as well as probate & trust administration. Because of this experience, he is better equipped to provide valuable guidance and legal advice to those facing the many often-confusing issues that arise during trust administration, specifically. Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar is knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of estate planning and probate & trust administration, and he’s eager and happy to assist clients during this difficult and confusing process known as trust administration. If you have any questions or concerns about a trust or trust administration, get the answers you need now from Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar. He welcomes inquiries at any time, and enjoys working with clients to help them properly handle the complex and difficult nature of trust administration to carry out the last wishes and overall intent of the decedent, as expressed in the trust.