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Guardianship is a legal status that creates a relationship between a court-appointed person or institution and a minor child or incompetent adult. The purpose is to protect the welfare of that child or adult, called the “ward.” In the case of a minor child or incompetent adult, the court will appoint and supervise a “guardian” until the child reaches age 18 or if and when the adult regains capacity. Many persons with concerns about guardianship turn to Southwest Florida Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar for experienced legal advice. He has a broad knowledge of Florida estate laws, including those that govern guardianship and related issues.

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Creating guardianship-related documents (e.g., Preneed Guardian Designations, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Guardianship Court Pleadings) is one of many services provided to clients at the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar, P.L. Guardianship status may be created through designation in a will or trust, or through appointment by the Florida courts. The main purpose of guardianship is to provide for the welfare of a minor child until he or she reaches age 18, or to provide care for an incapacitated adult.

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The law firm of Attorney Brandon Bytnar is committed to serving clients by providing high-quality service and legal representation and placing an emphasis on individual attention. In guardianship matters, it is important to develop a close relationship with clients, built on trust and support. Brandon helps clients through many legal problems that are stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. In addition, clients who are involved in a dispute regarding guardianship may call upon Attorney Bytnar to represent them in court.

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Guardianship may come into effect due to the death of the parents of a minor child, or in cases where a court determines the parents are unable to properly care for their minor child. An adult may have a guardian appointed if that adult is incapacitated and unable to manage his or her own affairs. Either situation may be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. A guardianship attorney is the best resource for those persons with guardianship issues.

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If you wish to designate a legal guardian for your minor children, be appointed as the guardian of someone who needs a guardian, challenge a guardian’s actions either before or after such guardian has been legally appointed, or to discuss any other concerns related to guardianship, call the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar for legal representation you can trust. Brandon is honest, fair, experienced, and enjoys working closely with clients to achieve their goals. Contact Attorney Bytnar at his Naples, Florida law office. Call (239) 592-9211 today for answers and solutions.

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