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Trust administration is an important part of managing the affairs of people who pass, leaving assets that are owned by a trust that the deceased created or managed. Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar has significant experience in estate planning as well as probate and trust administration. Because of this experience, he can help you with often confusing issues that arise, specifically, during trust administration. Persons who are appointed as trustees or administrators of a trust have specific duties under Florida law. It is, therefore, beneficial for these persons to hire an attorney who has experience handling matters related to Florida trusts, estate planning, and other estate document preparation in general, as well as the administration of such legal documents. In addition, creditors or those who want to contest estate planning documents also should consider retaining a lawyer.

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In Naples, Florida, clients contact the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar because of Brandon’s commitment to providing high-quality legal representation and advice regarding estate and trust matters, including trust administration. Brandon’s law firm is dedicated to providing clients with excellent client care. For clients, this means an emphasis on individual attention, availability to reach Attorney Bytnar, and a close involvement during what often is a stressful and overwhelming time.

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In his work as a Southwest Florida Attorney, Brandon has gained broad knowledge of Florida laws that apply to estate plan preparation and specific probate and trust matters. He represents clients involved in trust litigation, creditors and other persons who have an interest in a certain trust being administered. He works with trustees, beneficiaries and creditors to solve problems and to maintain fairness under Florida laws.

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Clients come to a lawyer for assistance with trust administration when they need help because they have been assigned to manage a trust, set up a testamentary trust, challenge a trust, or just to understand the legal aspects of a trust and the duties and rights of the interested parties in relation to a trust. Communication is a key to successful relationship with your trust administration lawyer. Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar is meticulous in his work. He gets to know his clients and their unique situation very well. He personally drafts his clients’ documents and reviews them multiple times to maximize their accuracy and minimize any risk. And Brandon is proud to complete quality legal work for clients while charging very reasonable fees that are always discussed with clients before representation begins.

If you have any questions or concerns about a trust or trust administration, get the answers you need now from Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar. He welcomes inquires and working with new clients to help solve their estate planning and probate and trust administration matters. Call the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar, P.L. today at (239) 592-9211.