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Real estate law in Florida (specifically Title XL of the Florida Statutes) dictates how real and personal property can be bought, sold and transferred. Persons seeking real estate legal services in Naples, Florida and throughout the region contact Southwest Florida Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar for experienced legal representation and assistance with their real estate transactions. Brandon works with buyers, sellers and property owners to help them wade thorough the often confusing and overwhelming statutes that apply to real estate.

Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar, P.L.

At the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar, P.L., clients enjoy Brandon’s emphasis on individual attention as he works closely with them on all legal matters. He provides quality legal representation and excellent client service to his clients. He is available to represent you at closings and at hearings about property you own, property you wish to purchase, or property you wish to sell. Often, his services are needed as part of estate planning or litigation over property disputes.

Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar

Clients feel comfortable working with Attorney Brandon Bytnar on their real estate concerns. They appreciate his experience with real and personal property legal matters in Florida, and they benefit from this experience. He has helped his real estate law clients complete transactions and understands the importance of meticulous detail needed to create valid real estate documents or to review and interpret documents drafted by the other party’s attorney.

Real Estate Lawyer

As a Southwest Florida real estate lawyer, Brandon has knowledge of current Florida real estate law (specifically Title XL of the Florida Statutes) that might affect a client’s real property matter. Brandon typically helps people manage transactions and make decisions about the following subjects affected by these laws:

  • Transfers of property
  • Contracts
  • Mortgages
  • Title searches
  • Foreclosures and liens
  • Easements
  • Abandoned or lost property
  • Powers of attorney
  • Unclaimed property

In addition, Attorney Bytnar handles cases that deal with condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner’s associations, vacation and timeshare plans, and mobile home parks.

Many people new to the Southwest Florida region who need help with real estate law and who want reliable, honest, and knowledgeable legal representation are referred to the Law Office of Brandon R. Bytnar, P.L. in Naples, Florida. Call (239) 592-9211 now to discuss your real estate or other legal concerns with Attorney Brandon R. Bytnar.